The popularity of tattoos among the young people

By | February 12, 2019

Tattoos in our time are very popular, especially the young people like them. Approximately 20% of people over thirty have at least one tattoo, and the number of tattooed young people aged 18 to 29 reaches 40%. Being a master of tattoo today is very fashionable and profitable. But how close you would be to a tattoo master? There are various things that are responsible for being a successful tattoo master. The following are some of them that you may follow.

The fierce competition among the tattoo making professionals

Previously, tattoo salons were very few. Now they are on every corner. And for customers they have to fight. Firstly, the reputation of the salon depends on safety. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the sterilization process from start to finish. In addition, security depends on the skill of the tattoo artist. The skill of applying a tattoo you need to learn for many years. If you have a talent, you will. If not, it will be even harder. Each master has his own secrets of tattooing.

Tattoo students are bullied

There are some rituals that are to pass those who wish to engage in this craft. For example, a teacher may insist that a student apply a ridiculous temporary tattoo, which he will have to show to all clients for ten days.

Practice on yourself

Years can pass until the trainee is given a needle in the hands of the client. So you have to train on yourself.

If a person is younger than eighteen, a tattoo may not be done

A tattoo master is aware that a tattoo can affect the future life of a person, so masters often refuse too young people. This is because, according to research, 61% of HR managers do not hire people with open tattoos.

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A good master can simply refuse a tattoo

A tattoo master can also refuse a tattoo without giving a reason. For example, if a person has recently lost his job, is too upset, or makes a tattoo under pressure.

Masters do not like when clients are not interested in his work

It is very bad if the person who came to the tattoo parlour is not even interested in the work of his master. Thus a person offends the master.

Masters are tired of the Infiniti symbol

They believe that the design of the symbol is poor and boring, in addition, a large number of famous people already have such a tattoo.

Tattoo masters are constantly mistaken

Tattoo masters are constantly mistaken, but they know how to correct their mistakes with the help of contrast.